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Kinesiology Sessions

In-person or online


For Adults

  • Recalibrating the Nervous System

  • Breaking patterns of resistance and limitations Improving your physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing

  • Re-connecting to your innate wisdom

  • Supporting your spiritual growth

  • Finding your way back home to self

Adults 90mins $180

Family portrait

For Family 

  • Bringing your family unit back into harmony

  • Understanding and healing dynamics such as...

  • unresolved issues 

  • constant bickering

  • relentless illness

  • introduction of a new baby


6hr package $750

Kids Running

For Children

  • Overcoming difficulties with emotional regulation

  • Easing and clearing physical symptoms, fight and flight responses, emotional and behavioural patterns

  • Understanding through your childs' eye



60 mins $140.

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our session today.  Your work is truly astounding.  Feels like a very grounded kind of magic, opening to the unknown, deeply trusting.  I feel that shifted a huge amount for me, and I am feeling gratitude to you.


Anna is the most caring, intuitive, guided and down to earth mentor I have had the pleasure of working with.
During her course, she has managed to introduce me to so many new tools that I am excited to explore them further.
Her course is full of amazing content and each week left me hungry for more. It really is life changing. Even if you are unsure if this is for you - Just invest in yourself and join her - you won't regret it.



Creating a Brighter Future... Together

Image by Jason Goodman

Illawarra Health Hub

  • Creating a holistic health hub, here in Wollongong

  • Empowering people to take responsibility for their own physical, mental and spiritual health

Image by Erik Brolin

Group Meditations

  • Online Group Meditations and Activations

  • Bringing you back into your centre, your heart and your truth

Held Fortnightly 

Image by Joshua Woroniecki

Awakening the Light

  • Join us online for
    explorative and expansive
    conversations around living life from your heart and intuition

  • Facilitated group meeting


Coming Soon   

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