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About Anna

“Imagine all the things we could be if we weren’t controlled by our insecurities” Bridgett Devoue

My name is Anna Carson, I am a Kinesiologist, Intuitive guide, energy worker and mentor and my role at this time is to hold sacred space for you as you expand your consciousness and understanding of who you are, and to open the doors to your highest potential.

As we work together, we will identify and clear thought patterns, trauma, and physical and behavioural history that have been dimming your light and that no longer serve you.

We will uncover and release any limitations on your physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing and support your spiritual growth.

We will activate that which you hold within, and help you to build trust and faith in your own innate wisdom and guidance. To reclaim your sovereignty, soul truth and unique vibration and have the courage to live it and share it.

My Journey

Originally from Scotland and qualified as an Occupational therapist, I expanded my love of the human body, specialising in neurology and psychology working with clients from all walks of life. However, it wasn’t until I discovered kinesiology through my journey with my daughter, that I understood the full potential of healing at a subconscious level and knew I had found my calling.

My children have been and continue to be, my biggest teachers. During the traumatic birth of my daughter I experienced a health system that encouraged separation and disconnection from our own body’s wisdom. I started to see the cracks in the institutions and systems that I had previously thought were there for our greatest good and began to understand how disconnected I was from my own body and natural instincts. This started a deep and fascinating journey back to me - culminating in the beautiful homebirth of my son and then later qualifying as a Kinesiologist.

From then, until now, I have continued to dive deep into my own shadows and patterning, continually evolving, to be the woman, mother and practitioner that I wish to be; learning how to sink deeper into trust of my own intuition and guidance; having the confidence to speak my truth and remembering the many multi-dimensional aspects of who I am.

I have been blessed to have worked with many beautiful souls over the last 8 years, both in person and remotely over zoom; supporting them to heal themselves at all levels and uncover and remember their own unique and innate gifts and wisdom.

My own intuitive abilities have also flourished during these years of client

work, gaining an ability to see beyond the physical, to feel into the soul, to

sense a client’s light and now, it is my great privilege to serve those who are yearning to feel deeply connected to themselves and their hearts desire, to truly know their worth and embody their unique expression; confident to share their voice and their wisdom in their world.

Forest Path
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