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Thank you so much for todays session. It was just gorgeous. I have just been sitting here in the moment and I feel a deep healing is taking place.....I also feel like i have found a long lost friend - ME!
The REAL me.....



I first took my 2 year old son to see Anna. It was great that he could play with toys whilst Anna did her thing. He was so relaxed and comfortable, After his visit he really started to flourish. He went from being unsure of himself to being confident in what he was doing.  He used to always say 'I can't'. I’ve barely heard him say it since. It was such beautiful growth to witness. I am forever grateful. 



Just wanted to let you know that it's been really magical since the session.  Lots being revealed and a whole new direction and way of being is being revealed to me.  It really feels like magic is happening, and a twist of the kaleidoscope and a whole new world seems to be appearing.  I know it was there all along though, just waiting for me to feel ready to birth it.  Very exciting times!  Thanks so much for the work you have done yourself to be a powerful guide and channel for people's higher selves to be reflected back to them. 



I have just finished a session with Anna and I am full of gratitude and respect for the unique way she utilises Kinesiology to support and guide. What I appreciate most about our sessions is the discussions about what she is discovering through her muscle testing.

The metaphysical information Anna passes on is felt viscerally in my body. It feels like sparkling water being dispersed through my cells. I always walk away changed and in awe of what I learnt about the nature of my reality. Anna is not your stock standard Kinesiologist. Her work is on the frontier of spiritual technologies and consciousness.



One thing that really stands out for me about Anna is her commitment to me, and the work we do together. We go deep. Way deep, and Anna is willing to go into the centre of breakthroughs with me. I love her curiousity, how she is constantly peering into new corners and allowing her work to evolve. Anna's humility, integrity and powerful intuition make her my favourite kinesiologist. 



You are part of my support team Anna!
Or more like you are a doula to my soul birthing on earth more fully at this time 



Cannot recommend Anna enough.

'P' has been suffering in silence since J's operation. He started wetting the bed and also has experienced crippling night waking. He would see 'shadow animals' who would enter our room and 'eat' him.
Since seeing Anna, 'P' has not wet the bed once and from the very first night after our initial session, he told us that the shadow animals hadn't come.
Anna is truly amazing and has saved our little boy. I can't wait for her to work on the rest of the family



Anna holds a powerful space and reaches the root cause smoothly, powerfully, giving a deeper insight and beautiful releases as well as profound wisdom and knowing. Giving her clients the whole picture so that they can return to themselves holistically. balanced, aligned and aware.

Since our session I have felt more grounded, clear headed and energetic. With a beautiful sense of Lightness, clarity that has kept increasing and improving overtime.

I highly recommend Anna for her work and her heart. She is your flashlight to see what you cannot or where you can feel things are misaligned she will support and guide you back to a place of centre and calm.

Thank you Dear Anna 


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