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Anna Carson

Intuitive Guide,
Energy Worker
and Mentor

Working with Anna is a journey of self-discovery. Clinically and intuitively

astute, Anna’s passion is in supporting you to discover and reconnect with your

true essence, innate strength, and natural healing abilities. To open up to a

deeper understanding of your body, mind and soul, and stand strong in your

belief of self and who you are here to be. Life isn’t always easy. Anna’s caring

nature will support you, and her deep curiosity will champion you. You will be

lovingly seen and heard and work at a pace that feels safe and nurturing.

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Online via Zoom

In-Person sessions 

Mount Keira, NSW

Yellow Flower
1:1 Kinesiology

Working with families

Group meditations

Workshops and Courses

Creating community

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a therapeutic art which was founded in 1813 in Stockholm and

now known worldwide. It is a gentle muscle-monitoring technique that can

access the subconscious layers and gain accurate information about current

issues and what is needed to help clear emotions, process trauma and support your nervous system.

Kinesiology, simply put, helps restore balance to the body.

When you’re in a balanced state it is far easier to access your own wisdom, and

make decisions from a place of clarity and centeredness.

Kinesiology opens up your understanding of your feelings, thoughts and

patterns, bringing you out of your head and into your heart.

Sessions can be done in person or online.



Kind words from clients

"Anna you have blown my mind yet again. The healing session we did was so intense, something I never thought I would experience. You held me and kept me safe during such a deep journey and release of things that have been holding me back and not allowing me to reach my potential. I cannot recommend you enough." - KP
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